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Jeff Buxton, LVWC Director & Head Freestyle Coach (2012 - present)

In one of the most dramatic moments in the storied history of the Lehigh Valley Athletic Club founded in 1999, Jeff Buxton becomes Director of the LVWC and coach of its freestyle team.

The announcement comes after a unanimous vote by the LVWC Board of Directors in a move considered vital to its dynamic Mission Plan.

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John Trenge, LVWC Clinic Director

A science teacher at Parkland HS beginning in 2009, Jon Trenge remains a part-time participant in LVWC workouts and activities and is one of the three most active coaching mentors in the Club’s 10-year history. His 5th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Trials is Lehigh’s highest since Bobby Weaver in 1984. One of Lehigh’s all-time best athletes, Trenge ranks 1st in LU career wins (133), third in bonus wins and 4th in falls.

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Pat Santoro, Head Coach Lehigh University (2008-current)

Under his quiet exterior lays a background of intensity and great success as a wrestler and coach. A classic late bloomer, Santoro earned one medal at the PA States for Bethlehem Catholic, third as a senior in 1984. He then won a National Prep title and Outstanding Wrestler award presented to him by Olympic Champion, Bobby Weaver, a good omen for his future.

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Brad Dillon, Assistant Coach, Lehigh University

LVWC Coaching/Clinic Contributors

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John Hughes, Assistant Coach, Lehigh University

LVWC Coaching/Clinic Contributor

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Greg Strobel, Assistant to the Athletic Director, Lehigh University

Founding LVAC Coach, Head Coach, Lehigh University (1995-2008)

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Contact info for all wrestling and clinic questions:
Jon Trenge — Phone: 610-533-4372 — Email:

Past LVWC Assistant Coaches

Drew Headlee Assistant Coach,University of Pittsburg
Steve Mocco UFC Trainor, American Top Hat, Coconut Grove FL
Keith Gavin Assistant Coach,University of Virginia
Steve Mytych Head Coach, Keystone College
Scott Hovan Teacher, Quakertown High School
Brandon Hatchett Assistant Coach, Northwestern University

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