World Cup, Iran: Day 8


The stars lined up. United World Wrestling wanted Iran to be in the finals. We wanted to wrestle well through the pool of death to get to the finals. We wanted to wrestle Iran under these political pressures, in their arena. Ultimately, the World Cup set the stage for the Friday night fireworks of Iran vs USA.

World Cup, Iran: Day 7


Yesterday was an amazing experience for me. The people of Iran are so passionate about wrestling and they cheered us on as we wrestled in a match in the second round. After our matched I stayed and watched Iran vs India, and Azerbaijan vs Georgia and the house was rockin!

World Cup, Iran: Day 6


We wrestled 2nd in our pool but the first match was very exciting. Russia and Azeberjian tied 4 wins each and the classification points were tied as each match went all 3 points to 1 so classification points

World Cup, Iran: Day 5


All the other teams have arrived and we all are in the same hotel. Weigh-ins were at 6 pm and everyone did really well with the weight control. Most of my day was spent watching

World Cup, Iran: Day 4


Today our focus was on weight management during our afternoon workout. We weigh in at 6pm tomorrow and everyone is in good shape and will make weight with ease. The focus is good and everyone looks forward to our upcoming matches.

World Cup, Iran: Day 3


I read the blog I posted yesterday and obvisously I lacked appropriate sleep. After getting three hours in, we woke up early for breakfast and had an early departure from Tehran to Kermanshah. We found out there was a delay for weather. The good news was that we were flying to Kermanshah with the Iranian World Cup Team.

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