About LVWC Prep


LVWC Prep functions as the developmental division (grades K-12) of Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club. All practices are held in the Caruso Wrestling Complex at Lehigh University.  This brand new, state-of-the-art facility provides an environment that is difficult to match anywhere else in the United States! At LVWC Prep, our goal is very simple…we want to create an environment where our athletes train to be the best on both a state and national level!

The Caruso Wrestling Complex in Grace Hall is located at 671 Taylor Street, Bethlehem, PA 18105. The main entrance is located at the rear of the building.

Training Philosophy

Our practices are intense and focus on technique developed through a system of teaching, drilling, and reinforcement. Our philosophy is that true development is not gained by watching many different guest clinicians show a wide range of techniques. The LVWC Prep coaching staff is consistent with teaching and reinforcement.   The same coaches are at practice each week. Recently taught techniques are not forgotten – they are drilled and constantly reinforced.   We choose to treat our club as an “in-season team”, not like an off-season camp!

LVWC Prep Program Directors:

Jon Trenge, Dave Stauffer, Brandon Palik

Questions, contact Jon Trenge at or Dave Stauffer at


Current/Upcoming Sessions



Start Date:  November 12 – March 4 (Sunday Only)

Membership Cost: $75.00 (full session), $10.00 (per practice)

Session: Grades 1 – 12,  Sunday Only, 2:00 – 3:30


1/7: Practice: 2-3:30

1/14: Lehigh Home vs Navy: Practice time 4:30-6:00

1/21: Practice 2-3:30

1/28: Practice 2-3:30

2/4: Practice 2-3:30

2/11: Practice 2-3:30

2/18: Lehigh Home vs Pitt: Practice time 4:30-6:00

2/25: Practice 2-3:30

About the Winter Session

The main focus of our Winter session is to provide supplementary “in season” workouts.  All practices will consist entirely of intense drilling and live wrestling.  This session will serve as a training opportunity and will feature minimal teaching/technique.

By providing a resource for athletes to find workout partners outside of their practice room throughout the season, we believe that LVWC Prep will help to accelerate the success of our local wrestlers.




Start Date:  February 14 – PJW States

Membership Cost:  $15.00 per practice, no preregistration

Session: Grades K – 8


2/14 (Wed):  6:00-7:30

2/21 (Wed):  6:00-7:30

2/28 (Wed):  6:00-7:30

3/7 (Wed):  6:00-7:30

3/14 (Wed):  6:00-7:30

3/22 (Thursday): 6:00-7:30

About the Youth Folkstyle Session

The primary focus of our youth folkstyle session is to build upon the gains made throughout the winter folkstyle season.  All practices will consist of reinforcement drills, new technique, and live wrestling.

This session will also provide an opportunity to train for the  spring Folkstyle tournament season (PJW, MAWA, War at the Shore, etc)!



Start Date:  March 19 – PAWF States

Membership Cost:  $150.00, Walk-in Rate: $15.00

Session: Grades 4 – 12

Time: Monday/ Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:30 

About the Freestyle/Greco Session

The spring session is entirely focused upon Freestyle/Greco.  Our goal remains the same: “to foster an environment in which our athletes are successful on a state and national level. Very simply, we want PA National Team Members and USAW All Americans and National Champions!”


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